Two Poems

By Sandra Burnett

Reaching the Peak

is never easy
and today’s prompt is a view
to expand horizons.

I take walking poles
for it would be foolhardy
to accept a hand.

My boots crunch beechnut husks.
I stumble on the fallout
of broken branches.

My lungs tighten with every step
as I clear the trees
and reach the summit

where I stand at a distance
from others who aimed
for the sky.


sand in the eyes
dust in the throat
weaver of lies
master of jokes
an infected door
nights without sleep
pronouncer of laws
withholder of treats
days without end
shivers of fear
a pain in the head
the fall off a pier
twist of an arm
kick on the shins
slap on the palms
spell under the skin
maker of bars
keeper of keys
but we’ve superstars
that give us vaccines.

Sandra Burnett is an Otley Poet. Her poems have been widely published. Her pamphlet New Lease and collection Between sea and sky are published by Half Moon Books, Otley.

During the first lockdown my daily walks became a lifeline. I often bumped into other walkers and at a safe distance had many pleasant conversations. In my poem Reaching the Peak I try to capture this. The other poem Virus is a reaction to the news reports about people forced to shield and unable to be with loved ones. It’s been around a while but until we got good news on the progress of vaccines I didn’t have what I considered a satisfactory last line.

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Moira Garland
1 year ago

Love both these poems Sandra. But then I always like your work. And I’m lucky that I can ‘hear’ you reading this, in your voice. See you soon on Zoom 🙂

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
1 year ago

I love “Virus”, the pattern of your writing makes me think of how quickly everything changes and dichotomies, beautiful.

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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