A Game

By Kai Murga

Every time I see someone I think about playing
Hide and seek

And when I think about my family, thousands of miles away, I think
Don’t step on the cracks

And when I see someone without a mask I think,
We’re playing the game of life and
If I were to say Simon says, would you change your mind

If we play a game
Like we did when we were kids
And needed each other to not play alone
Would anything change?

Kai Murga is a writer and poet. A first-generation American, he writes about identity, culture, belonging, and language.

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Thomas Prater
Thomas Prater
1 year ago

It lurks in the darkness, silently waiting. With grim stories yet too be told. Preying on the vulnerable, both young and old. This is not a new foe but has plagued man since the dawn of time. The only way to confront it is through effort, both yours and mine. Time will judge us on our compassion our intelligence and exactly what we did, to slay the evil scourge, known as COVID.

Sharon Gorberg
Sharon Gorberg
1 year ago

Powerful and evocative words. I love this poem.

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