By Kate Firth

you flew in on invisible wings
spirit-stealer, breath-taker
you circle in silence; you gather a storm

unseeable demon
you creep into my thinking
to infect me with dread: yet

here in my heart
I will meet and defeat you
for I am love

I have sky on my side, I have mist
I am mountain, oak-filled forest
I am moon and sun

I grow green shoots, ferns and conifer
I am sea and wave
I am love

deep in my weakness
I have found strength
though you will batter me

tonight I shall bend
like the willow
you may not stick your suckered cells

upon my mind; my thoughts
will thwart you
I am too supple for your claws

I am clouds you cannot grasp
I am light- fighter
blackbird-dawn song

I am bud-burst springtime
sunray, hope-beam-rainbow
I am love

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Robert Milby
1 year ago

A powerful manifesto; alive and validating. There is green spirit of freedom here!
Thank you!
-Robert Milby
New York, USA

Josa Keyes
1 year ago

“I am bud-burst springtime
sunray, hope-beam-rainbow”

This is so joyful, reminds me of Gerard Manley Hopkins

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