Three Poems

By Rachel Moore

Civil rights according to Covid19

That spring we put our lives on pause
As if re-starting was as easy as pressing play
Instead of rain, the news came pouring in
Droplets of cases popping up around the world
Like unwanted weeds

I chose to ignore it at first
A head plunged into hope and positive thinking
My mother was the first to really notice
Stockpiling toilet rolls like potatoes in a famine
She warned me, I laughed…….

But then the joke was on me, when we couldn’t get any food
Suddenly that sunshine turned black
A cloud of uncertainty loomed over us
Followed us, whenever we ventured outside

I entertained a wartime existence
And grew vegetables like Percy Thrower
Isn’t this what I always wanted
A simpler, more ethical existence

I think the problem lay in the fact that
Suddenly I didn’t have a choice.

Who the hell is Lady Mary Wortley Montagu?

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
medicine woman cured the pox in 1721
no small achievement
being the mother of inoculation
the problem was
she didn’t have balls like Jenner
she was the cow not the bull
but she had brains and beauty
charmed men like snakes
broke all the rules
travelled to far off exotic lands
mingled with the mystic ottoman sisters
go where women had never dared to go
discovering secrets just out of curiosity
she penned letters and poems
spat out words like satirical stones
pockmarked the listeners ears
but she was left with the sickening scars
it takes courage to inoculate your own child
it takes courage to stand up to a world that doesn’t want to listen
but that’s how we change the world
that’s how we see the shape of wisdom
it’s not a fight or battle
it’s an open understanding
a willingness to learn
from a ghostly inspiration
rippling through a sun monument
that never stops shining
the blinding light of
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu


Take four people
and pour them into a house shaped bowl,
Add in some hormones
work stress, home-schooling
a menopause and a dose of teenage angst,
Take a pinch of freedom and sprinkle it on sparingly
combine the mixture in a confined space.
Lay out (or, in this case, “in”)
and knead together taking each person to their elastic limit,
but not enough to cause a split,
Next cover with a wet rainy tea towel
and leave to prove for a couple of hours,

Return to the mixture
checking if it has doubled in size
due to binge eating and lack of exercise,
Afterwards knock some sense into each person,
but this time with kindness care and consideration
for the current situation,
Dust with a shower of sunshine and gratefulness
and bake for 45 minutes,
Then when it’s still warm, slice,
lather on thick salty butter
and share around the table
with a forgiving smile.

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Germina Melius
Germina Melius
1 year ago

I enjoyed them. (We will reminisce, ponder and ask questions for a long time.)

Constantin Severin
1 year ago

Very strong and moving images, congrats!

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