Look Them in the Eye

By Gem Lemuria

I’m not wearing a tin hat
Or as crazy as a bat.
Down the rabbit hole I go
Trying to find the down low.
Operation Moonshot and The Great Re-set. Not some new movies, but the next human step? 🥺

A hug or touch, an exchange of smiles in a shop
Does this really have to stop?
Life has always been a gift with risks: viruses, cancer I could go on and list…
But should this mean we have no wish?
No goals no dreams, no hopes just fears.
Its enough to bring me to tears.

I have to look them in the eye
So please allow me to ask why
Without shame nor shun.

For I am their Mum.

Nothing makes sense,
We all sit on the fence.
Too scared to question the very people we held to trust.
But surely that’s my role I must!
I’m not a virus denier, a conspiracy nut
Just someone who is saying but….

I have to look them in the eye.
So I will search for the reason why.
Without shame nor shun

For I am their Mum.

Poetry is new to me. This is the first poem I have written since leaving school over 20 years ago. I wrote it on World Mental Health day and I hope it may help others who are struggling to make sense. Sense making is what makes us human after all.

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Constantin Severin
10 months ago

Its a good start, congrats! Poetry can save the world!

10 months ago

I liked it, gets you thinking

10 months ago

Oh Gem, I love your poem. I can feel it. Thankyou x

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