The Quiescence of COVID 19

By Jamie Magill

A return to austerity is welcome even if it took a fool to swallow a bat to achieve it,
A haven,
A veritable haven;
Away from the vices of devices;
The babbling of the babblers;
The slurping of the railway chompers;
The sniffling of the snifflers;
The throat clearers and dry coughers impervious to Lockets;
And strangers to emotional intelligence.
The baking powder peace we knew between the wars has returned;
The board game bonding;
The simple roast happily swallowed;
The wet nose and warm heart of Granny Smith’s immaculately dusted sponge;
The family film at 9.
Make the most of it.
Before long horrendous tunes will drive once more through the permeable membranes of noise cancelling headphones;
Take them back?
Good luck with that in a quadruple dip recession.
Expediency is easy;
Follow the herds down to Margate Sands and Ogmore-by-Sea;
Connecting nothing with nothing on the path of least resistance.
A return to painted smile normality;
The classic Pizza Express oxymoron:
“Family Fun” complete with crayons, chef’s hats and Fortnite..

Jamie Magill is a Solicitor based in London with his own law firm. In addition to poetry Jamie writes sports non fiction: “Inglory Inglory Man United ” is to be published by Pitch Publishing in January 2021.

I think COVID has positively impacted on my writing. It has enabled a period of introspection and a return to the inclusive board game family centric values of yesteryear rather than the segregated I-pad culture which sadly can prevail these days.

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Harold Martin
Harold Martin
1 year ago

Love the line about Lockets!

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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