Two Poems

By Charlotte Oliver

The View from my Window

Crowded rainbow in orange-green, leaves
loud, soft, all between.
Sentry trees
whispering watch over generations
crown me gently in my castle
weaving a cocoon of benevolence
keeping thorned world far-off,
pain muffled and soothed by birdsong, treesong, sleepsong
rising moon of pure white voice
sings this too shall pass.

The Net

Yesterday, we bounced –
Rushing moments of free flight into
The huge blue above us,
Before plummeting out of control
Back down
To the trampoline.
We giggled at our silliest jumps,
Then her face
Clouded over –
A hover-fly trapped in the netting.
Eventually, racing heart pulsing clumsy fingers,
I managed to stretch the mesh
And off it flew.
We lay down on the canvas and the net grew tall
And reached up to the sky, trapping us and the whole world in

Charlotte Oliver is a freelance feature writer who lives by the sea in Scarborough, England. She was the commissioned poet for BBC Radio York’s Make a Difference campaign and has work published or forthcoming for Dream Catcher, Pendemic, Ice Floe Press, Cold Moon Journal, One Hand Clapping and Not4UCollective’s Poems from Home.

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