Dark Hours

By Utpal Chakraborty

In hours of darkness, Adrienne said,” Don’t be disheartened, man. Wind blowing through Hemlock trees can sanitize your mind.”
As I stood flummoxed, Debdas Achariya shook me
up to say, “When you are on the cross-roads , brother, don’t give up the fight and grab the ring of diamond that an eclipsed sun leaves behind.”

I was about to offer them flowers of love. But they all said in chorus, ” A human shouldn’t be rewarded for showing humanity. Besides, in an unhealthy air, petals too seem to hurt a human soul.”
I was happy to be offered some rarest jewels on my journey from one darkness to another.

A teacher of English literature, translator, writer and an award winning bilingual poet Utpal Chakraborty has to his credit ten books including a collection of poetry entitled ‘Uranta Dolphin’ from #Signet Press, a translation work, ‘The Mark’, from #Shambhabi and a collection of poems, “Kirigami” from #Hawakal Prokashana.

During lock down when there was so much of depression among people, I wanted to boost them up. I noticed how great poets floated positive vibes even in dark times. In Adrienne’s poem the snow flake that fell from Hemlock tree refreshed him and made his day. I remembered how the famous Bengali poet Debdas Acharyee once wrote how to take solar ecipse as a positive sign. While writing poetry to boost the depressed souls up, I found their thoughts very useful and wrote a poem of my own to float the idea that every traditonal negative aspect has its positive perspective too. We need to discover those positives out of this apparent temporary negativity.

This poem has found home in my critically acclaimed book of poetry named “Kirigami,” published by Kolkata and Delhi based Hawakal Prokashana.

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Mukul Sarkar
Mukul Sarkar
1 year ago

Congratulation friend🌺

Utpal Chakraborty
Utpal Chakraborty
1 year ago
Reply to  Mukul Sarkar

Thank you..so much

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