The Viper’s Juice

By Samuel Ephraim Edward

It came to us like a bad dream
And all got drowned like it was a stream
Sadness and loneliness we rubbed like a cream
A flu that came and took everyone by surprise
A virus that Created darkness out of sunrise.

From a city called Wuhan
It spread to us and won
People falling like packs of cards
Not because of lack of care
But because of a plague that scare.

We had just celebrated valentine
Then we all went into quarantine
Staying home became our routine
Empty and hungry laid our intestine
We felt like we were sent to the guillotine.

Sneezing became an iniquity to humanity
Fever became not just an infirmity but calamity
Coughing created anxiety and enmity
Visits and vacations were considered evil
As if we were fighting the devil.

Out of necessity we saw solidarity
The rich showed forth magnanimity
To help keep alive the poor community
We saw fraternity in the mist of perdition
Posterity will never forget every act of alleviation.

Who do we blame for this virus?
Everyone claiming so virtuous
Who will ever take us serious?
Without and within we feign conscious
Yet the proper cure has eluded us.

Samuel Ephraim Edward is a versatile Writer. He is a creative writer and a poet with some publications to his name. He lives in Uyo, Nigeria. He is on Twitter @Siriacy_trust and on Facebook as Edwards Sammie.

This poem is a personal story of how the virus gained momentum in Nigeria. It means a lot to me because the pandemic swept in on me when I was in my lowest ebb. I can only wish the realities of the present time be good enough to become history some day.

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1 year ago

I believe poems like this are the best coping mechanisms we can afford. Thank you for your work! 🙂

Samuel Ephraim Edward
Samuel Ephraim Edward
1 year ago
Reply to  Mariza

Thanks so much Mariza for the acknowledgement.

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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