Faith Meeting Faith

By Michael Cronogue

First there were five, then six and eventually seven
Gathering online one Wednesday afternoon,
Virus or no virus we’re here having a chat
Faith Meeting Faith thanks to the power of Zoom.

Rani’s our host with her genial smile
Then there’s Michael and Vickie then Margaret and Su,
Liam and Razia joined us later therein
Not forgetting the occasional four-legged friends too.

Since the lockdown began some eight weeks ago
We’ve had to adapt and to change and then improvise,
While our places of worship still remain out of bounds
So too the Expressions Cafe, where our faiths strengthened their ties.

No coffee or cake are we able to share
Each of us meeting in our own virtual space,
Where faith folk remain as ever compliant
Enduring this annoyance with a smile on their face.

The things we discuss are both random and topical
Involving rugby and gardening and breaking the fast,
Of sharing experiences, worries and desires
Each one of us speculating how long this will last.

So if you want a break away from this crisis
Schedule a space in your diary every Wednesday afternoon,
Where a virtual conviviality is always assured
It’s Faith Meeting Faith through the power of Zoom.

Michael Cronogue aka Black Country Londoner born London now resides nr Walsall in West Midlands. Has previously featured in Green Arrow Publishing’s magazine Scriptor.

I wrote these poems during lockdown earlier this year. The first was to celebrate an inter-faith group I am part of who used to meet in a local café over coffee and cake to discuss our respective faiths thereby gaining a greater understanding of faith in the multi-cultural Britain of today. But since lockdown we have been unable to meet socially but thanks to the miracle of zoom, we can still meet virtually every week and keep the dialogue going.

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Samuel Ephraim Edward
Samuel Ephraim Edward
1 year ago

A soul lifting piece that celebrates the place of technology in times of emergency. Drawing people together regardless of boundaries. Happy to have learnt of this great initiative.

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