Feet in Isolation

By Amanda Steel

I remember when we went everywhere together
I never gave you much thought
Loading my body with junk food
Causing more work for you
But without you, I wouldn’t get far
Now you tap on the floor
As if waiting for a chance to escape
It’s not that I want to keep you here
But both of us are locked down
With only memories to sustain us
Of the places we used to go
And the times I took you for granted
I dream that someday; I’ll dress you up in sandals
And we’ll walk across a sandy beach
You’ll feel the sun across each toe
Remembering better times
When you were free

Amanda is the author of Ghost of Me — Thriller Finalist in The Author Elite Awards 2020. She recently had a poem broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester. Her website is www.amandasteelwriter.com

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