Goodbye Office

By Stuart Whomsley

Getting up too early to commute to be in a place
it turned out you did not have to be in after all.
Doors with swipe cards, security cameras, open plan, monitors, fake wood desks, other people’s conversations,
the sound of a telephone down the corridor that rings
and rings and rings.
Small kitchen, coffee, tea, a jar for money, a fridge with milk, sandwiches in Tupperware boxes.
The house of correction
meaningless tasks.
Keyboards full of crumbs, post its, biros, pads, stapler,
hole puncher.
Hope punctured.
Time drained from lives through spread sheets of death.
The way we used to live. Turns out the good old days were
a bit shit.

I live in Newark on Trent in Nottinghamshire and am a member of DIY poets in Nottingham.  

I am currently working from home and using the saved commute time to get fit and to write poetry.

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Jon Croose
Jon Croose
11 days ago

Great metaphor: ‘Keyboards full of crumbs’. Thank you

alan chapman
12 days ago

Stuart thanks – of course, more beautiful dark-light and weep-laugh poetry from you, and thanks also for showing me this wonderful place. Indeed, Samantha, such a great line: ‘spread sheets of death’. All fabulous. Stuart you make heaven from hell. Magical. Love and thanks, Alan

Alison Hramiak
12 days ago

I love this – so very like my own experience. Like you I don’t miss the commute but do miss the contact. Hope you’re fit and writing!

Samantha Carr
Samantha Carr
15 days ago

love this! such a great line ‘spread sheets of death’ considering the Excel data loss recently

Stuart Whomsley
Stuart Whomsley
12 days ago
Reply to  Samantha Carr

Thank you

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