By Lucia Daramus

the sky, the wind, the rain paint
a new poem about a different world.

a world with fear and anxiety
in which the fever has power

coronavirus – what a word with crown
name inside like a regal flower on our heads

but the reality, the reality is so, so undesirable

Lucia Daramus is a British-Jewish-Gypsy Writer, Classicist, Free-lance Journalist, and Artist, based in Gloucestershire, UK. Recently she completed her course in Creative Writing at Oxford University. Her MA is in Linguistics, and BA in Ancient Greek and Latin.

One day I found a strange and anxious world. My planet was like from another poem, another painting. The former colours of my former world disappeared. Now, I found a place with fear, and with a new word – CORONAVIRUS – a word with a ” crown” inside because the strange name comes from Latin. I like Latin and I like languages. So, I played with it.

My new world, a deconstructed world, inspired me to write this poem. I wrote it, along with another one, having a drink in a Coffee shop in Stroud. Outside, the light was so yellowish like pus in a sick tonsil. The people on the street no longer smiled but wore masks. Because of its, they looked like characters of Cubism, coming from Picasso’s paintings. But this painting, new painting having a shadow of death inside. This inspired me.  

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