A Contactless World

By Guy Dolev

The silence is beautiful, But can be of death too
It feels so empty, though there’s nothing to do
You can only hear birds cheerping, what do they care?
About the world that we live in, thats lacking a flare…
That feel of excitement, laughter and joy
Been replaced by that knock of the delivery boy
Your meal has been served, in a contactless way
‘Bon appetite, and have a good day’
We all became addicts, of good news and some hope
That maybe one day we will be getting that rope
A lifeline that brings the joy to our grounds
And refill our lives with familiar sounds

I was inspired to write the poem when I was sitting in my kitchen one morning, having my coffee, and realising how quiet the world has become. I could here the sound of the birds very vividly and loud as they were the only living remain of the ‘old’ world as we know it pre covid. So then I wanted to write about the ‘new’ world as we know it under lockdown…

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