In Sickness and In Health

By Nigel Pamenter

Nigel Pamenter is an English Literature postgraduate at Northumbria University. His prose and poetry has featured in Visceral, Fields of Words, the CRANK. and upcoming COVID-themed anthology Project Lockdown.

I felt the pandemic was so different to what we were used to, that I wanted to reflect this with an unconventional poetic approach. As a parent of a child with special needs, I am used to living differently, unlike the world at large. Thus, a seemingly straightforward list is infused with positivity, hope, togetherness and direction. A marriage of emotions; ones that often get forgotten, yet kindness must be our golden thread. The poem shows how a few drops of it can have a remarkable healing effect; after all, it’s in our blood. COVID-19 has sharpened our focus in regards to looking out for others, not just ourselves. So, for better or worse, to stop death doing us part, in sickness and in health, we face this together.

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