By Coral Barclay

At the beginning all hustle and bustle
Family all home, noisy with chat and laughter
Rooms are messy
Family everywhere
Sharing a dining room table with my daughter
She, constantly on the phone talking insurance
Me, working silently to not interrupt
Husband takes the reins and cooks, cleans and feeds us
A tragedy and a blessing all rolled into one

Time is moving slowly
Outside of our bubble, sadness and pain all around
Anxiety arrives
Our rooms still messy
Family still everywhere
Daughter has retreated to work in her bedroom
I, still work silently at the dining room table
Missing her constant insurance noise
A tragedy and a blessing but we are all still one

Change is upon us
We are treading water to see what becomes
Our rooms are much tidier
Husband has surpassed
House is so quiet
Daughter has gone back to work in her office
And I, still work silently at the dining room table
Missing the hustle and bustle of early days
A tragedy and a blessing which is almost won

My name is Coral Barclay, I am a working mother of two grown up children one living in the UK with us and the other living in New York.  This is how I feel my lockdown has been.  I have never written a poem before but during these strange times was moved to put pen to paper as a record for myself.

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Prof. Frances Bosch
Prof. Frances Bosch
1 year ago

You capture the moments so naturally, reading your poem was like breathing. Please write more.

1 year ago

I think you have captured the situation really well.
do write more!

Moira Garland
1 year ago

I hope you go on to write more. This is good stuff.

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