Quarantine Ghazal

By Ammar Aziz

Scientists are reading the scriptures in quarantine.
Priests eyeing medicinal structures in quarantine.

Why is everyone getting live on the internet?
We are all acting like fuckers in quarantine.

Some are dying silently in isolation wards while
Some are hoping to create sculptures in quarantine.

I can see myself lying down on the wet floor.
When I wake I find sand vultures in quarantine.

I could show the smoke in my room to my therapist.
Oh if I was capturing the pictures in quarantine.

Ammar Aziz, poetry and covid

Ammar Aziz is a poet and filmmaker from Pakistan. His poetry has appeared on Wild Court, Muse India, Dhaka Tribune, Narrow Road, etc. and is forthcoming in several prestigious journals. His multi-award winning films have been screened at major film festivals around the world.

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