By Shane Schick

“We’re all in this together” someone said,
and so did someone else,
but the carbon copy of sounds was such
I can’t be entirely sure.

They might be chants, refrains,
(“We’ll get through this,” “New normal”)
but they’re heard like a photocopied copy,
copied over and over again.

So steady do the words ripple out,
bobbing from one set of ears to another,
that I find myself treading in this wake
and looking behind me for the boat.

It had to start somewhere, a lone voice
who was certain of nothing except
the possibility that the ends of the Earth
had walls thick enough their message

Would bounce back and forth across
every continent, like a stone that skipped
so far along the ocean, and in the air,
that it eventually got homesick for shore.

And to test this theory out I stand here
at the end of the street as though on
the very edge of a mountaintop, listening
and wondering how long it will last.

Shane Schick is a writer and editor developing a publication about customer experience design called He lives in Toronto with his wife and three children. Twitter: @shaneschick

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak began, I’ve noticed society has been desperately trying to spread something of its own: a unifying sentiment. I wanted to capture what this collective effort has felt like.

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