The Nurses’ Station

By Amanda Parker

The Country is in lockdown
I’m not, I’m putting on my paper gown
Trying to tie the knot.

I’m starting my shift, helping those who are vulnerable
I care for their needs even though I have a young family,
Who are not with me.
9 was the last count on the ward, Corvid, Corona, just a number beating against so many hearts
Ordinary people being pulled apart.

I do my rounds, and visit my clinics in the community,
Streets are silent, doors are shut
Some in my care can’t get out to queue for the supermarket,
Social distancing, panic buying,
Toilet rolls and hand gel are the new commodity
My PPE needs to be replaced
It’s a national disgrace

They clapped for us the NHS, for nurses, doctors, health carers, pharmacy workers, paramedics
For us all on the front line
They clap for us
There are rainbows in windows
With smiley faces the words say “Save our NHS”

We can exercise, run, walk, cycle, but so many can’t in my community ward
Many just struggle to breath, they are aged and wary, or simply find it hard to walk
But they all love to have a good natter and talk

Don’t cough, don’t come near me, walk around the parked car
I wear gloves but hold your hand,
I will be your family and light of hope as you fight
I am fighting with you
They clap for us as Captain Tom Moore walked for us
I wait at my nurses station
clapping for them

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