If We Meet Again, COVID-19

By Bee Aver

If we meet again, I will be okay
I will not miss the rubbish tip on closing day
I now have six months’ worth of toilet tissue
A fine compost heap, so garden waste is not an issue
I have bought litres of magnolia paint
And so much yeast, that I could feint
I will have sacks of flour for my bread
And UHT milk in my coffee instead
All those unwanted jigsaws I will acquire
And a hotline for scaffolding if needed to hire
I will not watch the news and opinion every hour
But binge on box sets with infinite digital power
I get all my groceries from online always
And that should guarantee priority days
I have a stack of books I want to read
And a thousand Su Doku, if I feel the need
I have an air horn for Thursday clap night
That is sure to give the neighbours a fright
Then I will stay at home and be safe
Save the NHS and the human race
If lockdown comes I will stay sane
Yes I will be ready to meet you again.

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