I Hope

By Sarah Afker

I hope the pandemic has taught you
the priceless value of time;
The moments to pause and reflect
to reshape your mind sublime.

I hope the pandemic has taught you
the value of a human touch;
For every moment you ran too fast
missing a peck or a warm hug.

I hope the pandemic has taught you
the value of everyone’s job;
The ones you thought were insignificant
were actually the ones who meant a lot.

I hope the pandemic has taught you
the value of God’s provision;
All along you were piling money
ignoring health, family and obligation.

And once the dust has settled
I’ll see you there with your dreams;
May they be painted with all your passion
and be filled with happiness in streams.

Sarah Afker Poetry

Sarah Afker: Our generation witnessed a pandemic for hopefully the only time, and, we too, like our ancestors will go down in history as those who withered the storm (God willing). We will have stories to share with those from the future and right now, we are all pretty much busy authoring our tale, whether it will be a memoir or a legacy, only time will tell.


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Prof. Frances Bosch
Prof. Frances Bosch
1 year ago

Beautiful, Thank you for your wisdom in words.

1 year ago


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