What role is poetry playing during COVID-19?

Our project proposes the writing, exchange, publication and discussion of poetry as a significant cultural response, benefiting the wellbeing of people from around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to join the conversation, to submit your own poems or to nominate others which speak to the idea of contemporary and/or historical pandemics.

Every day, we’ll be featuring a new poem from our inbox, and each month we’ll feature new writing from one of the world’s leading poets as they think through their predicaments, find in language a way to connect to others, and offer and seek solace and consolation.

Latest Poems

A Dream of Immunity

By Tejas Yadav

Spring is ripening the dark moss
Like hibernating moles
Now from locked-down holes
Some emerge into more chaos.

Two Poems

By Charles Rammelkamp Pandemic “They called it the ‘Black Death,’because of the color of the gangrenous flesh,”Mister Philby lectured, my mom’s colleagueat the school, here to drop off some papers,though they were all working from home now. “Bruised-looking, purplish, like an aubergine.The bacteria came from fleas,entered the bloodstream,clotted on the extremities – nose, hands, feet;theContinue reading “Two Poems”

‘What can Come’

By Alice Leventhal

“I live in the present.
But I exist in dread.”
Abigail Thomas wrote,
in her memoir,
What Comes Next.

About Us

Poetry is always valued in times of crisis. It provides succour, a means to think through our predicaments, a way to connect. During the current Covid-19 pandemic…

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